The AM Sports Tours Pro Youth Experience offers talented youth soccer players the opportunity to live the life of a professional player during an intensive two week home stay camp.

This intensive programme will give the players an insight into the technical, tactical and psychological demands of a professional soccer player. The players will also be educated on the importance of recovery training including nutrition and hydration.

The AM Sports Tours Pro Youth Experience also incorporates video analysis of matches to assist the players to better understand the game other than just being on the pitch.

The 2017 Pro Youth Experience will welcome players from the USA to come together in St Andrews with the Scottish players for this fantastic two weeks of intense and informative soccer.

Pro Youth Experience 2017

Featuring players from:

LA Galaxy San Diego
St Louis Scott Gallagher
Houston Texans SC
Los Angeles Premier FC
San Diego Surf Soccer Club
Albion Hurricanes FC
West Coast

Further information:

Pro Youth Experience 2016 Highlights